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Accelerating the Path to Value
with BI and Analytics

TDWI Best Practices Report

As organizations grow more reliant on data to support strategic and operational decision making, they need to accelerate the pace with which they can realize business value from data.

With so much riding on the timeliness and quality of analytics, business stakeholders are less willing to wait for the development of new applications. TDWI finds that organizations are employing new technologies and practices to realize business value from business intelligence (BI) and analytics sooner.

This TDWI Best Practices Report focuses on realizing value from BI and analytics and how organizations can accelerate the path to higher value. The report looks at multiple factors, including organizational issues, practices, and development methods.

What you’ll find inside:

  • How different organizations define value and success.
  • Common challenges faced in reducing time to value.
  • A sample of relevant vendor platforms and tools.
  • Concrete recommendations for BI and analytics strategies that produce value sooner.

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