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Micro-Target your Sales
with Moxi

Put Big Data to work and optimize your sales channel


Create a Moxi IQ

Profile your existing customers

Moxi combines dozens of data sources togetheralgorithmically to define a precise profile for each of your current customers. Depletion data, cross-brand depletion, social media, competitive data, ePOS data, distributor sales reps, territory maps, Nielsen Spectra data are just a few examples of where Moxi derives its IQ.


Match others that are similar

Find customers just like yours

The most likely new customers are those that look like your current customers. Maybe they serve the same local demographic, maybe the location received a positive sentiment in social media, maybe they carry competitive brands, all this is taken into consideration when Moxi delivers a stack-ranked list of opportunities and a sales forecast to you.


Deliver tailored sales messages & sell sheets

Not only sales targets precise sales messages

Moxis output is a list of targets for each rep on a weekly basis. Not only is this information integrated with their CRM system, Moxis companion mobile app can deliver the key insights to the rep in the field. Why was this location identified and what is the specific sales message that will resonate with the prospect?

Amazing! Moxi delivers our reps a targeted sales list each week
CEO, Financial Services Company

People, Places & Things

Moxi can help you find your next most valuable customers regardless of whether you sell CPG products, financial services or manufacture doodads. Well connect to your existing data and source the other data you need to create a Moxi IQ. Unifis Machine Learning technology will then deliver to Moxi insights to your reps.

Simple deployment under IT data governance

In most cases Moxi can be up and running and delivery sales insights within a month. Moxi is a cloud-based solution access to which is controlled by your IT team. The Unifi platform conforms to the strictest data policies from some of the worlds largest companies so your technical staff can be assured of data governance compliance.