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Migrate your RDBMS Data to the
Pivotal Platform Quickly and Easily with Unifi

When it’s Time to Migrate Your
Legacy Data Choose Unifi and Pivotal

For many enterprises there is a need to migrate data from proprietary, legacy database systems, because of their expense, lack of new features, or product end-of-life. However, any data migration project should embrace two key factors:

  1. Ensure high quality support for end users
  2. A migration program with fast, impactful results.

The smart choice is to move your data to proven, open source database technologies such as MySQL, Postgres, and Greenplum Database via the Unifi Data Platform.

How it Works

Unifi connects to a wide range of data sources from Databases, File Systems, SaaS Applications and modern BI servers. We add new connectors all the time. For a current list of connectors select here. You can connect to both cloud-based data and on-premises data. What’s more, Unifi can crawl both structured and semi-structured data and detect schema and data types. You can then apply business ontology and a glossary to the discovered data.

Pivotal Software provides commercial distributions of MySQL, Postgres, and Greenplum Database. These can be run as part of the Pivotal Platform to automate deployment, administration, backups, and upgrades.


Automatic Schema Detection and Data Profiling

When you connect Unifi to a data source the magic automatically begins in three steps:

  1. Dataset creation
  2. Generation of statistics and heuristics
  3. Creation of a Knowledge Graph

These three steps lead to immediate value creation with Relevance Search and Natural Language Query capabilities being available on day one.

Auto-Detect Sensitive Data

Unifi also profiles data and identifies over 75 different data types from PII data such as SSN#, email and phone number, to location data, IMEI data, Genomic Sequence and many more. You can also train the Unifi crawler to find User Defined Data types and set rules on what to do when these are discovered.

Maintain Compliance with Integrated Governance and Security

Unifi provides several features to secure data via both automation and manual configuration. The Unifi classification engine will automatically identify sensitive data during source system crawl and mask data. Unifi offers five pre-configured “personas” that can be tailored to the Enterprise security requirements to allow access authorization to column level security granularity.

A Governed Data Environment

Unifi provides a number of overarching views into system activity for a data governor or steward to understand all actions that are happening around data within the system. From granular views of user who accessed SSN attributes, when and against what dataset – to the most active user, longest user session, most active dataset, provenance / journey of an attribute, etc.

Native Data Transformation on Greenplum

When it comes to using data for analytics or data science the Unifi Data Platform provides a wizard-like, intuitive user experience to cleanse, enrich, normalize, parse, join, filter and format data. This AI-driven experience provides recommendations at each step so even non-technical users will be able to get the insights they need from the data. And because Unifi runs natively on Greenplum performance is optimized.