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Customer 360

Get a comprehensive 360-view of your customers

You need a complete, full view of your customers in order to know which are the most valuable to retain, to deliver just-in-time next best offer promotions and to identify the best prospects for your sales team to contact.

Getting a complete view can be a challenge when customer and marketing information span multiple databases or your customers have multiple account numbers. The goal of a Customer-360 solution is to combine the data into a single view and make that view available to anyone in your organization who would find it valuable.

What does a customer-360 view include?

The end goal of a 360 initiative is provide your organization with a full view of your customers and prospects. This could include data such as:


  • Product use history – Product list and frequency of use
  • Customer account memos, flags, and alerts
  • Customer account status & history
  • Responses to marketing campaigns
  • Lead status and history
  • Help desk case status & history of support
  • Promotion interactions
  • Account types – free, paid, subscription
  • Preferred method of communication phone or email
We developed an additional $2.5M in sales directly attributed to the member 360 program built on Unifi and Azure.
 SVP Data and Analytics,
Southwest Credit Union

The Unifi Managed Azure Data Lake

Unifi your 360 View for Marketing and Sales

It is helpful for anyone who interacts with your customers have a 360 view, but a 360 initiative is of utmost value to the sales and marketing teams as well. Combining customer, marketing and third party Nielsen Spectra data can create a profile for prospects that match the best customers. Upload this data into a BI too and provide your sales reps with a micro-targeted prospect list.

CRM Supporting A Members Journey