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Cloud Migration made easy

Democratize your data

There is no question that analytics is a fundamental part of every aspect of your business today. From finance and marketing, to sales and supply chain, critical business decisions are being made daily based on data. When you dig a little deeper, however, you find that many companies are just scratching the surface of the potential that data and the insights it holds can deliver to their businesses.

Many companies think of analytics in terms of silos; sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, etc. Maintaining walls around departmental data means that the true impact of your data may never be realized. And with the advent of new data sources such as social media and Internet of Things (IoT) data, the potential impact on your business is even greater.

Connect & catalog what matters

By deploying the Unifi self-service data preparation platform
in your analytics cloud you will immediately be able to:


Connect to the widest range of data sources wherever they exist


Use the most powerful data discovery tool on the market with natural language search


Take advantage of intuitive data preparation tools to deliver analytics insights in a fraction of the time


Gain enterprise-class IT governance of your data integration cloud infrastructure

Dont let your lake become a swamp

Without data coming in and out of your data lake the information and therefore the insights that it holds can become stagnant. With Unifi controlling data in your lake updates to any data sources are handled automatically. Workflow and job automation can ensure repetitive tasks are set and forget. This ensures the data in your lake is always fresh and the insights delivered to your business users are up to date.

Cloud-based analytics less expensive than on premise/hosted.
Source: IDC

Better together Unifi and Microsoft Azure

The Unifi platform resides on the control node of the Microsoft Azure HDInsight cluster and is the perfect complement to Azure HDInsight installations. According to IDC research analyst, Stewart Bond, Unifi is the only end-to-end self-service platform to be considered truly enterprise-class. Unifi leverages the HDInsight implementation of Apache Spark, HBase, Storm, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Oozie, and Ambari, as well as other Apache products, such as Yarn, which Unifi augments to provide an unparalleled level of Hadoop environment resource management.

Credit Union Finds New Customer in the Cloud

With offices throughout the state, an Arizona credit union has partnered with Unifi and Microsoft Professional Services to deploy Unifi in Azure HDInsights integrated with Dynamics CRM to create the ultimate divining rod for their member facing teams. Unifi will be integrating data from several disparate critical source systems to the Azure cloud.

By combining this data the Unifi platform creates a sophisticated profile for existing customers based on hundreds of different data attributes. These profiles can run against the credit unions prospect database to identify existing and new potential customers that match the financial, demographic and lifestyle profiles of current members. The resulting insights are then fed directly into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to provide individual sales reps with a micro-targeted prospect list.

Less Database related down time
Source: IDC

There’s more data coming – start your Cloud Migration today!

Most companies are already awash with data and the problem is only getting worse! Every day, legacy systems are superseded by new, cloud-based business tools such as Workday, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and more. And there is exponentially more data coming to a data center near you soon.

You have to rethink the way you handle business user requests for data. Simply increasing headcount in your ETL service group will never keep up with demand. Find out how Unifi can help streamline your migration to the cloud. Call us today for a no-cost evaluation.