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Audience Analytics

SoloCast Audience Analytics
Know Precisely Whos Watching

With the proliferation of consumer devices capable of playing media streams, combined with widespread availability of fast wireless networks and Wi-Fi connections, the viewing audience for your content has never been more fragmented. Tracking that audience to know whos watching on what device, where and when is the first step in growing audience engagement and the incremental ad yield that such insights provide.

SoloCast will:

  1. Provide a comprehensive view of known and unknown viewer activity
  2. Deliver visual dashboards that show your top rated content by device, geography, time of day and more
  3. Connect with your ad trafficking systems to provide yield management
  4. Connect with your content servers to deliver highly engaging personalized content streams

Smarter Advertising Tools

With digital content and audiences comes digital fraud. Todays Internet is riddled with ad bots, IP spoofing, phishing and other fraudulent traffic that skews audience numbers for both media buyers and sellers alike. Unifi SoloCast will help eliminate fraudulent traffic and deliver precise audience metrics, an essential requirement to deliver a clear, honest measure of your audience to advertisers.

Knowing who is watching our content, on what device, where and when, is an essential element to increasing ad yields.
 SVP Audience Analytics, Global Broadcaster

Unifi Your Audience Analytics

To understand precisely who is watching your content you must bring all of your viewing analytics data together in one environment. Combining that data intelligently to gain the critical insights you need to both select programming choices for the viewer and monetize their viewership is what the Unifi SoloCast Audience Analytics platform delivers.

Understand Your Audience To Drive Higher Ad Yields

The way to combat declining CPM rates, fragmented audiences and digital platform competitors is to know your audience and monetize that audience with your world-class content. The first step of that is a comprehensive audience analytics solution that feeds your advertising and content distribution platforms and delivers even more value to your advertisers. Let Unifi show you how that is delivered, contact us to learn more about SoloCast Audience Analytics.