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Unique Audience Experiences
Derived from Data
Unifi and Adobe Experience Platform

Combine Data to Increase Your Audience Profile

Great customer experiences start with data. From the business traveler who is greeted with a unique in-room experience to the fashion shopper who is presented with outfits that just work, data is at the heart of delivering these unique experiences.

Adobe Experience Platform is the world’s most advanced solution for creating and using data to deliver unique experiences to your customers. Adobe Experience Platform blends all of your data together, not just CRM data but every bit of data; behavioral, transactional, financial, operational, and even second and third-party data. Import all your data, cleanse, enrich and normalize it, make it smarter, and act on it across channels. Now you know what your customer wants right now and build experiences to match.

Here are some examples of unique experiences delivered by advanced profiles created by Unifi and Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe and Unifi Experience Platform Unique Experience Concepts

Unifi and Adobe Experience Platform Data Flow Charts

How it Works
Unifi and Adobe Experience Platform are seamlessly integrated to deliver unique audience experiences. The primary use cases are:

Your Data Experience Platform

Import Data – Unifi offers the widest range of native data connectors on the market and that’s good news for you. It means we can handle just about any type of data you might have and import that data into Adobe Experience Platform in the native XDM format. Structured data, semi-structured data, SQL, No SQL, SaaS/on-premises data you name it, we handle it, so bring it on!


AI-assisted data prep provides the user with recommended OneClick Functions that remove all the complexity from advanced data transformations and ETL tasks.

AI-driven attribute matching makes formatting data to be imported into the Adobe Experience Platform native XDM format a breeze.

Drive Unique Experiences

Export Data – Insights created on Adobe Experience Platform might need to be integrated with on-premises data, or applications outside of Adobe; that’s where we can help too. We allow the export of data from such insights into familiar formats such as CSV for subsequent import into your marketing automation platform, CRM system or bespoke audience engagement application.

Combine Data to Increase your Audience Profile Completeness

Data Prep is where the fun really starts – we can take data from Adobe Experience Platform and provide AI-assisted data preparation that is so simple any marketer can use it. With just a few clicks of your mouse in our intuitive user interface you can cleanse, enrich, parse, normalize, join, filter and format then push down data to Adobe Experience Platform in native XDM format.

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