UBA Partners can now instantly deliver employee benefit plan insights to their clients and prospects

 SAN MATEO, CA., – September 10th, 2019 Unifi Software, a leader in providing a seamlessly integrated suite of self-service data tools, today announced that it is working with United Benefit Advisors (UBA) on delivering the nation’s largest health plan survey. The survey data is used by UBA Partner Firms to inform their clients and prospects about the competitiveness of their benefit program and to help them make more informed and strategic business decisions.

“The job market in the United States is very competitive,” explains Peter Weber, President, United Benefit Advisors. “Employers are constantly looking for a competitive edge to attract top talent. This goes beyond compensation to include a comprehensive package of employee benefits. The UBA Health Plan Survey provides our Partners with access to thousands of data points to inform clients and prospects and help them construct a competitive employee benefit package and to better manage their benefit costs.”

The UBA has been creating this invaluable survey for over a decade. The legacy data was stored in separate SQL tables and was not providing the ability for Partners to compare against historical data. The first part of the project undertaken by Unifi was to consolidate all of the data into a Microsoft® Azure Data Lake so that it was not only easily accessible but time-based trend data could be viewed.

Historically, the Health Plan survey was delivered to UBA Partner Firms in PowerPoint format. While this made the task of presenting the data easy, the solution did not offer the desired flexibility to respond to client and prospect questions in real time. Another key element of the Unifi project was to automate data cleansing and enrichment tasks and then output the data into a modern BI dashboard – in this case Tableau. UBA now operates over 200 Tableau licenses so its Partner Firms can access the survey data and apply filtering to get precisely the information a client or prospect needs to answer their employee benefit questions. For example, if a transportation company, with 800 employees, based in Detroit, Mich., would like to see how its employee benefit program compares to similar companies locally or nationally, with just a few clicks they can be presented with an in-depth visual dashboard that gives them all the relevant information they need to make an informed business decision regarding their employee benefit program.

“The UBA Health Plan Survey is one of our most valuable sales tools,” says Scott Deru, President at Fringe Benefit Analysts, a UBA Partner Firm. “What Unifi is delivering to the UBA Health Plan Survey is truly amazing. I can sit in a prospect’s office with my laptop and answer very specific questions via the Tableau interface and give them precisely the information they need. In the competitive employee benefits advisory business this is a valuable differentiator for UBA Partner Firms like mine.”

An historically challenging aspect of the UBA Health Plan Survey was capturing the data from survey responses. The data was typically transcribed from multiple CRM systems and then manually entered into a form for subsequent processing by the in-house data experts at the UBA. This was a time-consuming process for member firms, an activity that was undertaken twice in a calendar year. Unifi has dramatically simplified the data acquisition process by employing a web-based data capture solution. A seamless integration, enabled through the rich APIs supported by Unifi, now allows UBA members to enter their survey data online. The resulting data pipeline is operationalized by Unifi through integrated workflow and scheduling processes that formats the data for consumption via Tableau. This aspect of the Unifi project has not only dramatically simplified the data capture, it has reduced the latency from survey entry to resulting insights from months to days.

“The UBA Health Plan Survey is a great example of Unifi in action and is exactly the type of use case that we have developed our Data Platform to address,” says Sean Keenan, Co-Founder and Vice President, Products at Unifi Software. “Now individual UBA Partner Firm employees have instant access to a wealth of knowledge and the tools to deliver an interactive experience to their clients.”

The UBA Health Plan Survey is in widespread use by UBA Partner Firms across the U.S. on a daily basis and feedback from both Partner Firms and their book of business clients and prospects has been outstanding.


About United Benefit Advisors
As trusted and knowledgeable advisors, UBA Partners collaborate with more than 2,000 professionals to deliver expertise, thought leadership and best-in-class solutions that positively impact employers and make a real difference in the lives of their employees and families. With partners in more than 46 states, Canada, England and Ireland, UBA is the nation’s leading employee benefits advisory organization.


About Unifi Software
Unifi Software delivers a suite of self-service data tools that help users find and use the data that is most important to them. The Unifi Data Catalog with Natural Language Queries offers users an intuitive experience to easily discover and collaborate around data. At the heart of the Unifi Data Catalog is the Unifi OneMind AI technology powering every aspect of functionality from recommendations to the discovery of similar datasets to Natural Language Query support that helps users directly get answers to data questions. Integrated governance and security help maintain compliance for self-service access to data. The Unifi Data Platform incorporates the Unifi Data Catalog and seamlessly delivers advanced, OneMind-powered self-service data preparation. The Unifi Data Platform also incorporates workflow automation functions to help users and organizational teams create repeatable reporting and analysis. Both the Unifi Data Catalog and Unifi Data Platform can be deployed on-premises, in private or public cloud environments. Unifi Software is the only vendor to be named a Leader with the same product evaluated in both The Forrester Wave™: Machine Learning Data Catalogs and Data Preparation Solutions by Forrester Research in 2018.

Unifi was founded by data and enterprise infrastructure experts from Greenplum (now part of Dell Technologies), Oracle, Microsoft, and Platfora (now part of Workday). The company is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., and operates regional offices across the U.S. and a development center in Bangalore, India.