Integration of Hortonworks Data Platform enables Unifi Software to unlock the full potential of big data on Hortonworks enterprise customer installations

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 24, 2015 UnifiSoftware, the only comprehensive data integration solution for the enterprise, today announced that it has joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner program. Hortonworks is the leading contributor to and provider of Apache Hadoop. Unifi will integrate Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) with Unifi Software to enable joint enterprise customers a new data integration and management solution that enables them to harness the power of big data to transform their businesses.

By joining the Hortonworks Technology Partner program, Unifi Software will work to enable and accelerate the deployment of a modern data architecture, integrating with the Hortonworks Data Platformthe industrys only 100-percent open source Hadoop distribution, explicitly architected, built, and tested for enterprise-grade deployments. Unifis integration with Apache Hadoop provides a simple and intuitive user experience that allows customers to easily select and connect directly to various data sources, rapidly structure and transform that data, and derive value from that data in a timeframe of relevance.

Unifi Software is a visually-driven tool that allows anyone in the enterprise to search for data across the organization, pull it into Hadoop, and structure it so the analysis can all be done in one placeall without IT needing to write a single line of code. Unifi is also breaking down the barrier to deployment because it requires no additional hardware. While other offerings require their own hardware to be installed, Unifis smart, server-based software leverages the horsepower of a companys existing Hortonworks installation for fast deployment and fast usage. This means a business can have the technology up and running within hours, and save up to 10x the cost because they no longer need to pay for hardware or hire a team of engineers to maintain it.

Joining the Hortonworks Technology Partner program is a significant step for Unifi, said Rob Carlson, CEO and Co-Founder, Unifi Software. The combination of Unifi on the Hortonworks Data Platform allows our joint enterprise customers to take full advantage of all the data they have available across their organizations, increasing the value of those data assets and helping them to acquire valuable business insights more quickly.

Hortonworks Data Platform was built by the core architects, builders and operators of Apache Hadoop and includes all of the necessary components to manage a cluster at scale and uncover business insights from existing and new big data sources. With a YARN-based architecture, HDP enables multiple workloads, applications and processing engines across single clusters with optimal efficiency. A reliable, secure and multi-use enterprise data platform, HDP is an important component of the modern data architecture, helping organizations mine, process and analyze large batches of unstructured data sets to make more informed business decisions.

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Unifi Software is the only enterprise-class data integration platform that runs natively on Hadoop. Designed by business people for business people, Unifi delivers DIY data integration to the business analysts who analyze the data, unlocking its full potential. With direct access to more data, business users can pursue what if scenarios without relying on ITdramatically increasing time to insight while freeing up IT resources. Unifi runs on existing infrastructure, making processing super-fast, and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Investors include Canaan Partners and Omaha Capital LLC. Unifi Software is based in San Mateo, CA. Connect with Unifi on Twitter, LinkedIn, andFacebook.




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