Company launches Quick Start Program to enable analysts to start integrating data in minutes rather than weeks

STRATA + HADOOP WORLD (booth 1239), San Jose, Calif.February 17, 2015UnifiSoftware, the only comprehensive data integration solution for the enterprise, announced today that they have released version 1.0 of their flagship product. The company has launched a Quick Start Program to enable business analysts to quickly integrate their data sources on Hadoop and realize critical business insights faster than ever before possible.

Organizations today are struggling to acquire and structure a deluge of data from disparate sources, including data warehouses, spreadsheets, BI systems, marketing tools, and the cloud. Today, if a company wants to understand customer churn or segmentation, a business analyst is reliant on their IT department to acquire, aggregate, and structure all this information prior to their analysis, in the hopes of creating the right data set. Locating, acquiring, integrating, and structuring this data is typically more than 80 percent of the total time spent by analysts.

With Unifi Software version 1.0, a process that previously took weeks of IT / business collaboration to complete now only takes a matter of minutes, enabling business users to self-serve their enterprise data assets. The version 1.0 product incorporates:

  • Co-mingling of dataUnifi handles both structured and unstructured data sets from various data sources. Auto Data Integration eliminates the need to write a single line of code.
  • Catalog SearchA search engine-like experience where datasets and metrics of interest can be exposed immediately to the analyst.
  • Transform-in-PlaceTM Native processing on Hadoop eliminates the need to extract data and process in another environment and dramatically speeds time to insight.

In addition to announcing product availability, Unifi has also launched a Quick Start Program to enable business analysts to create an account on the Unifi private cloud, select pre-loaded data sets or upload their own data, and start integrating and analyzing their data in minutes. Unifis comprehensive integration APIs and open architecture makes connecting most BI visualization tools easy.

We are very excited by the rapid progress we are making as a business, said Rob Carlson, Co-Founder and CEO, Unifi Software. Unifiis addressing one of the most challenging pain points in big data on Hadoop and our Early Access Partners, Disney, Havas Media, and ATKearny have really helped us deliver an outstanding version 1.0 product to solve one of the last remaining barriers to wide-spread adoption of Hadoop as the enterprise big data analytics platform.

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About Unifi Software

Unifi Software is the only enterprise-class data integration platform that runs natively on Hadoop. Designed by business people for business people, Unifi delivers DIY data integration to the business analysts who analyze the data, unlocking its full potential. With direct access to more data, business users can pursue what if scenarios without relying on ITdramatically increasing time to insight while freeing up IT resources. Unifi runs on existing infrastructure, making processing super-fast, and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Investors include Canaan Partners and Omaha Capital LLC. UNIFi Software is based in San Mateo, CA. Connect with UNIFi on Twitter, LinkedIn, andFacebook.