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Case Study

Boston Biomedical Micro Targets Future Marketing & Sales with Unifi

Boston Biomedical has a number of oncology candidate drugs in development. Their leading drug is intended to treat gastric cancer, a tumor type of high unmet need. This means that because there are relatively few patients that contract this rare form of cancer there are a correspondingly few pharmaceutical companies developing drugs to treat it.

Once available, Boston Biomedical’s new drug will hopefully improve the quality of life, and extend the life of patients who contract this rare type of cancer. The launch of a new drug is critical. Physicians, patients and advocacy groups must be micro-targeted to ensure the maximum exposure for the new drug in the minimum amount of time.

To help in achieving sales & marketing effectiveness Boston Biomedical employs Unifi to integrate dozens of data sets and uncover the target audience for their new drug. Bill Wallace, CIO at Boston Biomedical, explains why they use Unifi, “Unifi’s OneParse technology will help us extract insights from unstructured data sources and target sales activities far more quickly than ever before.”

Boston Biomedical uses unstructured data such as medical papers and social media to uncover the physicians and patients who are discussing gastric cancer and its treatment. Armed with this knowledge the sales and marketing team at Boston Biomedical can micro target that audience with education materials about their treatment.

Tapping the Insights in Unstructured Data

According to Michael H. Loechel, who is responsible for commercial analytics & effectiveness at Boston Biomedical there are incredible insights that can be learned from unstructured data. For example; social media posts from someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, symposium or advocacy group proceedings published online with details about the treatment of cancer are just a few examples where micro target insights can be gleaned.

Wallace likens a drug launch to a movie launch – how the movie performs in the first weekend is key to the future success of the title. And while drug promotion and sales take a little longer than a weekend, early adopters both on the clinical and patient side can make a world of difference to the success of a drug.

Boston Biomedical

Micro target physicians, patients and advocacy groups for their new drug


Employ Unifi to integrate dozens of unstructured data sources to direct their sales & marketing activities

What Unifi means to us is a dramatic increase speed. We need to deliver results to the business quickly and Unifi helps us deliver on that business critical goal.

Bill Wallace,CIO, Boston Biomedical