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Blog Posts by Mahesh Gandhe

Business Analyst at Computer

Unifi Data Platform: Now Powered by OneMind AI & NLU Engine

Mahesh Gandhe | October 1, 2018

We started our journey of building the next generation Data Catalog that is powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Artificial intelligence(AI) two years as a part of Unifi AI Labs. Knowledge Graph-based catalog exploration is one of the key differentiators for our Data Catalog. Until now these AI/NLU features were available as LAB features. […]

Blog post for Unifi Platform Release 2.9

Unifi Data Catalog Now Supports File Crawler, Metadata Search across Tableau servers and Data Endorsements

Mahesh Gandhe | August 9, 2018

Unifi Data Platform Version 2.9 is now generally available, and we have expanded our data catalog offering significantly. In the previous release, we provided support for cataloging metadata from multiple Tableau servers centrally in the Unifi Data Catalog. Now, users can Search this data. Similarly, while we supported crawling tables from a database and creating […]