We’re super excited to announce general availability of an amazing new version of our Data Catalog and Data Platform products.

Watch this brief overview of the new Version 4.0 capabilities

The new 4.0 software will ensure that we remain a leader in the emerging self-service data categories by delivering innovation in data management that business users and IT professionals require to build a data-driven organization through digital transformation.

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of an enterprise data catalog today is helping the users understand not only the provenance of a data set but how it is related to other data sets and attributes. One unique aspect of the Unifi Data Catalog is the underlying Knowledge Graph that is created when the product is connected to data sources. Until now the Knowledge Graph and OneMind AI technology that powers much of the Unifi product has helped make data set recommendations to users, just as commercial search engines make recommendations. Now with version 4.0 Knowledge Graph Navigator users can actually see the relationships between data sets and attributes graphically and navigate around data sets with an intuitive, visual interface. This powerful feature of Unifi significantly reduces the time-to-value for every Unifi Data Catalog implementation.

Click on the image above for an illustrated tour of Version 4.0

“One of the strategic reasons we built the development team and agile process was to be able to react quickly to customer requirements and the shifting landscape of the self-service data market,” said Ayush Parashar, Co-Founder and Vice President, Engineering at Unifi Software. “Some of the new, groundbreaking capabilities in 4.0 are the culmination or the start of a multi-sprint initiative. It’s these major steps forward that keeps Unifi in the leadership position in changing the way enterprises find and use data.”

Unifi has pioneered the fully integrated, self-service data management platform category by delivering a powerful suite of self-service tools designed to empower the business user to find and use data that is important to them.  The Unifi investment in AI-powered data pipelines has helped supplement a user’s lack of technical knowledge with smart recommendations. However, for certain power users there is a requirement to access the underlying capabilities of the supporting infrastructure at a programming level.  Version 4.0 introduces a series of features designed to empower the technical user to not only be more efficient but to train the Unifi AI to make even more valuable recommendations to non-technical users that follow. SQL pushdown now allows a data transformation created within the Unifi Data Platform to be performed on a wide range of databases including; Google BigQuery, MySQL, PostGreSQL and Pivotal Greenplum, adding deployment flexibility to Unifi Data Platform customers.

“With so many customers now using Unifi on a daily basis we are able to get immediate feedback on our product roadmap and new capabilities,” says Sean Keenan, Co-Founder and Vice President, Products at Unifi Software. “It’s clear that the digital enterprise of the future will be collaborative where power users deliver value that can be adopted by the organization at large we are fully embracing that paradigm in our 4.0 release.”

OneMind AI technology is at the core of the Unifi products and with version 4.0 there are significant enhancements to the discovery of similar datasets. For enterprises that have provided users with unstructured cloud file systems such as AWS S3, Azure Blob and Google Cloud, this can pose a challenge in determining trusted datasets. With version 4.0 Similar Datasets features users can now use a series of threshold sliders to determine the extent to which datasets are similar to the selected dataset. This can quickly help the user determine which dataset to use.

The new capabilities of version 4.0 combined with the market-leading features of the existing products are enabling Unifi customers to realize new use cases and business value from their enterprise data. Cerberus Technology Solutions, a division of Cerberus Capital Management, provides strategic advice to their portfolio companies on how to modernize and monetize their data infrastructure. The new Unifi 4.0 features—specifically: AI-based Attribute Mapping, SQL Pushdown, and operationalized Parallel Workflows will empower CTS to take their portfolio companies’ data journey to the next level.

“We are constantly impressed by the responsiveness of Unifi to our product feedback and wish lists,” said Michael Aguiling, Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director at Cerberus Technology Solutions. “Unifi is enabling Cerberus to streamline data operations and realize new revenue streams across many Cerberus portfolio companies.”

4.0 Snap Shot:

Unifi Data Catalog

  • Knowledge Graph Navigator
  • Business Glossary enhancements
  • JIRA & Confluence Integration for datasets and jobs
  • Data discovery Rules Manager
  • Search Experience Improvements
  • Scheduling import of data sources
  • Similar Datasets enhancements

Unifi Data Platform (Incorporates Unifi Data Catalog)

  • SQL job with pushdown capabilities
  • Uniform mapping experience using OneMind AI
  • Export/Import of Jobs to transfer from sandbox to production
  • Write to S3, BLOB, Redshift, BigQuery, MySQL, PostGreSQL and Pivotal Greenplum
  • Parallel workflow execution
  • Schedule Activity and Workflow enhancements
  • Metadata details in data preparation user interface
  • Swap Datasets within a transform job

Overall Platform Enhancements

  • Authentication support of OAuth and SAML
  • Slack integration for alerting
  • Hard deletion of data transform jobs and datasets
  • UI enhancements: Datasets Wiki, Unifi dashboard UI enhancements

Version 4.0 is generally available now to all Unifi customers.