Unifi continues to set the standard for innovation in our Data Catalog and Data Platform products with the release of version 3.4.1. Jammed with new features across both discovery and data preparation, the release is available today for all existing customers to update. Many of the new features support requests from our customer base around the world.

Notable Additions in Version 3.4.1 

Support for Adobe Campaign Standard makes bi-directional data transfer between Adobe Campaign Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 possible.




Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales means data updated in Dynamics can now be transferred and update records in Adobe Campaign Cloud. Prior to this level of integration third party APIs and cumbersome, manual updates were required. The Unifi Data Platform solution makes this bi-directional transfer an entirely automated function.



Building on the rich features of the Unifi Data Catalog data dictionary, Unifi once again sets the bar in functional business glossary support in a data catalog product. Designed to provide users of the Data Catalog with a description of terms agreed to within an organization, the business glossary provides an ideal vehicle to extract tribal knowledge from the business and ensure every users has access to data-driven decisions.




Integration with Slack now provides notifications outside the Unifi Data Platform beyond the integrated email notification function. This is particularly helpful when a user is running a complex data transformation that may take minutes or even hours to complete. Now notifications will appear in your Slack channel.


The Unifi Data Platform receives a number of new, often requested, features in 3.4.1 including the ability to Add/Edit related datasets along with join conditions: Users can now add new related datasets in Related Resources, including the ability to define new join conditions. Add or Edit




In addition to Add or Edit related datasets users can now edit join conditions of existing related resources






Export to Tableau Hyper Format: A new export feature has been introduced to support the Tableau Hyper format



BigQuery as an output destination: Users can now select a BigQuery dataset as the transform job output target in Unifi Data Platform






Other Notable Features:

  • Endorse/Deprecate datasets by non-admin owners
  • Display PII/Masking detail in User Defined Data Types – the ability to train Unifi Data Catalog crawlers to find internal data types
  • Edit metadata by non-admin users