Companies must tap into the brilliance within their organizations to scale rapidly and move faster than competitors. Pluralsight is helping thousands of companies transform at scale by delivering a state-of-the-art learning environment and courses to educate business professionals in a wide range of technical disciplines. Behind the scenes, Pluralsight is embarking on its own transformational journey to centralize all of its data in order to deliver an even more dynamic learning experience for its customers. In an engaging panel discussion during Tableau Conference in October, attendees learned about the architectural and operational considerations in providing many users—with a wide range of data requirements and technical knowledge—access to all Pluralsight corporate data.

Fernando Rodriguez, Head of Data Engineering at Pluralsight describes the architectural considerations to enable a self-service data environment. Greg Tabak, Director of Data Operations, describes the operational considerations in providing broad access to corporate data, and Michael Mixon, a Zen Master at Pluralsight provides some unique insights on how easy access to more data fundamentally changes the way users look at Tableau and the impact this can have on a business. View the full Pluralsight session from Tableau Conference on YouTube here: