The Business Case for a Data Catalog,” a report from the Eckerson Group examines the value of a data catalog and builds a business case to use when evaluating the need organizations have for this important data tool. The report analyzes a sample analytics use case, covers different approaches, and illustrates the revenue creating and cost-saving potential of data catalogs.

A few highlights from the report include:

Data Analysis Example: Three Approaches

Organizations often struggle to describe the business case for a data catalog. However, some analysts describe spending 80% of their time finding and preparing data and only 20% analyzing the data.

The report examined a data analysis scenario to illustrate working with and without a data catalog through three approaches:

Option 1. Analysis through an IT project

Option 2. Self-service analysis without a data catalog

Option 3. Self-service analysis with a data catalog

The report found that a self-service analytic approach that includes a data catalog (Option 3) to be the preferred option when considering the full ROI formula. In this approach, the analyst is able to be self-sufficient from the beginning of the analytic journey (finding and using data) through preparation and visualization to find business insights. Significant time (and therefore money) savings occur. 

Data Catalog Return on Investment

The ROI calculation, according to the report, must consider the costs of the catalog implementation, operation, and administration including software licensing, staffing, training, and data curation. The report projected the direct financial impacts of a data catalog.

Using the patterns and calculations illustrated in the report, you can plug in your own data and assumptions to calculate a reasonable estimate of direct data catalog value for your organization.

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Download the complementary The Business Case for a Data Catalog report to see the full ROI formula and examples that Eckerson used.