Self-service data analytics solutions are opening up whole new worlds of possibilities for stakeholders in organizations across every industry sector. These crucial tools put the power of analytics and connected valuable, actionable insights in the hands of users, including those beyond IT and data science.

In fact, self-service analytics tools are taking off – so much so, that the market for these platforms is on track to experience a 20 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), reaching a value of $10 billion by 2022. In this type of landscape, it’s no wonder why Gartner predicts that self-service solutions will support more users and insights than data scientists by next year.

“Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and SaaS (cloud) analytics and BI platforms are making it easier and more cost-effective than ever before for nonspecialists to perform effective analysis and better inform their decision making,” explained Gartner research director Carlie J. Idoine.

However, as Gartner pointed out, simply having a data platform in place isn’t enough. Organizations must support their self-service analytics solution with simple and streamlined data access to ensure their success.

Self-service platforms can help you glean lots of unique data insights.Self-service platforms can help you glean lots of unique data insights.

Data access: Timing matters

One of the most important factors to consider with data access is timing. After all, analyzing sensitive information well after the fact may provide insights, but these actionable results would likely be more helpful and beneficial to the company if analysis was done sooner. In other words, businesses can’t take advantage of insights if data access issues prevent them from completing timely analysis.

“If we combine the value of data, the necessity of data, and the amount of money being spent on data, it’s easy to see how important data is,” noted CIO contributor Kate Lewis. “But if you can’t access that data within the appropriate timeframe based on the need, then organizations are spending a lot of money without gaining any real value.”

Balancing access with governance and security

At the same time, however, organizations must also ensure that access doesn’t come at the cost of governance and security. Gartner noted that businesses require a flexible approach to data governance. But in the age of GDPR and other security concerns, companies must find a self-service platform that enables access and combines it with robust protection.

Unifi’s Self-Service Data Platform supports the creation of a data catalog to support streamlined access. This advanced technology automatically catalogs data in-place to ensure that information is available to all users and accessible for analysis. In addition, advanced and comprehensive governance and security features help users maintain control and track lineage.

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