Unifi Data Platform 2.6 Release Boosts Platform Extensibility, Auditability, and Agility by Providing Functionaly for User Defined Datatypes (UDTs), Audit News Feed and Adapter Decoupling.

At Unifi, we work with our customers very closely to understand their pain points and build product features in a very agile manner to address these problems. In the last few quarters, we heard from our customers loud and clear that they need more extensibility for discovering additional complex data types and expanded audit capabilities for governance purposes.

Adapters are at the heart of our product architecture and are instrumental in capturing data from multiple sources. With every new release, Unifi added many new adapters and now, in Version 2.6, we’ve dramatically extended that to include User Defined Data types (UDTs), an Audit News Feed and Adapter Decoupling.

Extensibility through User Defined Data Types (UDTs): Unifi Data Catalog ships with built-in rules for AI-based auto discovery for close to 25 data types. This list includes discovery for credit card numbers, USA social security numbers, US telephone numbers, US address information and more. Auto discovery of additional complex data types specific to user’s business needs greatly enhances the value of the data catalog. To make this process of building custom complex types easier, we now have introduced an extensible framework of User Defined Data Types (UDTs). This feature enables our partners and customers to define new complex data types using REGEX. While defining new complex types, our customer can flag it as PII (Personally Identifiable Information), if required, and choose specific masking for it. When discovering new complex data types, the product first checks if any of the patterns from User Defined Data Types matches with given data before checking for system built data types.

Auditability through News Feed


In order to deploy a Data Catalog enterprise-wide, customers need comprehensive audit functionality. This helps to better understand how the Data Catalog and the actual data are used inside the enterprise for company-wide governance and compliance. We now provide audit details for main events through a News Feed in the dashboard. This News Feed includes create, update and delete events for all Unifi Data Catalog components. Users can subscribe to events of a specific component they are interested in. We also provide intuitive filters for filtering data for a specific date range. We store audit log information for 90 days by default. This duration of data storage can be customized as required. Our OneMindTM AI engine leverages this log feed for providing better recommendations.

Decoupling of Adapters


We have now decoupled our adapters from the Data Catalog. This decoupling will help us to build new adapters independent of Data Catalog releases. We can now also upgrade adapters when a new version of an adapter is delivered. This decoupling makes the process of building new adapters very agile.

Stay tuned for more exciting new features we will be launching this year!