Providing simple solutions that democratize accessto data is at the heart of generating value for theenterprise. However, most enterprises have a hugeamount of data that is semi-structured or un-structured.It makes it hard for non-technical user to work on suchdata. Previously, manual parsing tools, employed byprogrammers, were the only way to solve the problemof importing and using semi-structure datasets. Thesedatasets are generally very wide and varying in nature.Manual clean-up of such datasets can be very laborintensive and time consuming. Also, there are otherchallenges such as identifying missing values andreconstructing them.

To provide a holistic solution to this problem, UnifiSoftware has developed a proprietary approach toparse the semi-structured data automatically andrepresent the data in a flattened, tabular structure thatis easy to consume by the end-user. Unifi goes onestep further, in identifying missing columns and badrows. Additionally, datasets can be enhanced through asimple, intuitive user interface.


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