The integration of data into the business analyst environment is critical. Enterprises are committed to breaking down the barriers between their data and the people who use it to drive the business. But talking about being a data-driven enterprise and data democracy is easy. Walking the walk requires tools that put clean, normalized, and actionable data into the hands of the people who can use it to drive business decisions without the lag that typically accompanies IT requests.

Download this eBook to understand how to translate the language of business into predictive analytics projects, understand the six degrees of data integration, and put the power of data in the hands of business.

  • Find the Needle in the Semi-Structured Haystack
  • Translate Business Talk into Predictive Analytics Projects
  • Self-Reliant Analytics and the Implementation Gag Rule’
  • Accurate, Timely Analysis Requires Simplified Data Cleansing
  • Six Degrees of Data Integration
  • Put the Power of Data in the Hands of Business


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