Big Data, Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, Flume, Stinger, Drill, Presto, etc. How many more technologies can I name before your head is spinning? It’s amazing what’s happened in just a few years time with the momentum, innovation, and capital that has been thrown into the ring around “Big Data. Exciting times, but what does it all mean for the enterprise? CIOs face enormous and complex challenges today. Theyre responsible for all of the typical duties around infrastructure, cloud strategies, and transactional systems that run the business, and they also need to wrap their heads around this ever-evolving era that vendors promise will bring fortune and fame to those who get it right.


Well, there is a path to success, and it’s actually a pretty simple one. Unfortunately, we as vendors tend to over-complicate things with buzzwords, marketecture, and all sorts of process diagrams that only a PhD could comprehend. If you distill down all the noise, you come to the realization that everyone has the right intentions and goals in mindas unclear as they may seemwhich is to empower the business! All of these technologies and advancements in data processing, visualization, and computing platforms are driving toward the same objective: enabling the business to do what it was created to do. Analyze the data that touches the companys brand, innovate on that data to bring new products and services to market, and ultimately make informed decisions driven by data. This is our goal at Unifi, and our message is simple: “Data Democratization for the Enterprise.” If you believe in this new era of data driven organizations, then the technologies and jargon behind the movement will ultimately be an afterthought; it’s the value creation that matters.


By Sean Keenan, Co-Founder and VP Product, Unifi Software