If you’re like us and love the Discovery Channel hit series, Gold Rush, you can’t help but see the similarities between gold mining and data mining. Here’s the gold miner’s challenge: Dig through thousands of yards of overburden to find the pay dirt. Then transport 1000’s of yards of pay dirt to the wash plant and run it through the plant to find flecks of gold in the sluice box.

An analyst, or Business Insight Guru (BIG) as we call them, are faced with the same challenge daily. Dig through Terabytes of raw data (overburden) and feed that to the data wash plant (ETL processes) so it can be normalized (pay dirt) and viewed by the BI visualization tool in the data sluice box to find the critical business insight (gold). In the old days this would take weeks and would involve ongoing interaction between IT and the BIG.

Now with UNIFi Software the integration is automated and the BIG is able to integrate and normalize their own data. This frees up IT resources and dramatically speeds up the process of getting gold in the data sluice box

We thought it would be fun to do a Wash Plant comparison.


Gold Wash Plant UNIFi Software Data Wash Plant


Grizzly FeederStructured, semi-structured, multi-structured and unstructured data pay dirt


Grizzly Wash SystemThe UNIFi Software Auto Data Integration parser replaces technology-oriented tools native to the Hadoop eco-system such as Pig, Hive or Java map-reduce programs


Rock Discharge ChuteThe big bits of data youre not interested in


Heavy-Duty Gear ReducerHadoop processing node


TrommelThe UNIFi Transform In Place technology processes the data natively on Hadoop and prepares the data for discovery and visualization


Replaceable ScreenUNIFi presentation layer allows the Business Insight Guru to pursue ‘what if’ scenarios easily and easily drill down on specific data sets


Trommel Spray BarThe BI visualization API


Nugget TrapStructured data does not need further processing


Electrical PanelHadoop Processing Performance


Structural Steel SkidHadoop cluster hardware


Sluice Recovery SystemBI visualization layer where you find the insight


Rubber Trunnion SupportsUNIFi API integration with BI layer


Tailings ConveyerThe data you dont need once processed