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Unifi Introduces V4.0 for Our Data Catalog and Data Platform Products

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Unifi Data Platform 2.6 Release

Sara Kinsey | April 13, 2018

Unifi Data Platform 2.6 Release Boosts Platform Extensibility, Auditability, and Agility by Providing Functionaly for User Defined Datatypes (UDTs), Audit News Feed and Adapter Decoupling. At Unifi, we work with our customers very closely to understand their pain points and build product features in a very agile manner to address these problems. In the last […]

Q&A from our recent webinar: Choosing a Data Catalog

Sara Kinsey | April 6, 2018

On April 4, Andy Sheldon from Unifi, Eric Kavanagh from The Bloor Group, and David Wells from Infocentric spoke together on a webinar discussing the critical decision of choosing a Data Catalog for your organization. Attendees of this webinar learned twenty criteria to help choose the right data catalog for their data management future. You […]

An Interview with Ranjan Sinha, President, Axis Group

Sara Kinsey | February 27, 2018

Axis Group, a leader in business analytics solutions delivery has partnered with Unifi Software to bring self-service data to Fortune 1000 customers across the United States. We recently sat down with Ranjan Sinha, to get his take on the market opportunity, the technology, and the go-to-market strategy of Axis Group. Unifi: What do you think […]

Q&A from 451 Research Webinar

Sara Kinsey | February 19, 2018

On February 15, Unifi Software and 451 Research spoke together on a webinar discussing why a data catalog is the first step on a journey to self-service data. Before an organization can benefit from a self-service data environment to reduce time to insight, an essential first step is to catalog your data so that business […]