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Unifi Introduces V4.0 for Our Data Catalog and Data Platform Products

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Beyond Data Silos – Knowledge Silos

Andy Sheldon | July 1, 2019

What’s just as bad, or even worse, than not having access to BI and analytic technology? Having access to too much BI and analytics technology. This is the situation most businesses are in. The ugly truth is that the average business plays host to a plethora of BI and analytics tools. Maybe they’re lucky and […]

Unifi Version 3.4.1 GA

Sean Keenan | May 30, 2019

Unifi continues to set the standard for innovation in our Data Catalog and Data Platform products with the release of version 3.4.1. Jammed with new features across both discovery and data preparation, the release is available today for all existing customers to update. Many of the new features support requests from our customer base around […]

Ask and You Shall Receive

Stephen Swoyer | May 16, 2019

In a previous blog, I wrote that natural language processing (NLP) technology “permits an interactive question-driven experience that mimics in a sense, the human experience of discovery.” I argued that the process of interacting with NLP mimics the process of analysis itself, whereby one interrogates oneself, one’s peers, and the surrounding world. The benefit as […]

Unifi Data Lineage

In the Beginning…Lineage Part III

Stephen Swoyer | April 24, 2019

In a previous blog, I introduced a different frame to discuss data lineage, distinguishing between first-party, second-party, and third-party lineage. These aren’t just arbitrary distinctions. In data management, we’re used to distinguishing between what we call “technical lineage” and “business lineage.” The former describes a highly granular record of data lineage, the (technical) details of which […]