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“Unifi is the only company that we are aware of that has set out from the beginning to deliver both data inventory and data preparation capabilities and which includes exactly the sorts of capabilities you would expect in both areas”

Philip Howard
Research Director
Bloor Research International

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Only Unifi delivers a complete, end-to-end data integration tool set

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The Other Guys

Limited or no native connectors requires IT to manually connect to data sources
Unstructured or semi-structured data requires custom ETL typically performed by IT


All others require exact location of data to begin analysis, which means more work for IT.


You’d better be a power user with some programming knowledge or have IT on speed dial


Competitors not only lack automation, their interfaces often require an understanding of the underlying software architecture – which means a steep learning curve.
In some cases they require programming experience.


Limited join capabilities mean a return to traditional ETL and a call to IT
Some require external processing on proprietary hardware and then results pushed down to Hadoop for visualization.
Limits on the size of the data set
Transform latency slows visualization


Other providers interface to just one or two visualization tools – or maybe none at all.