Unifi for business analysts

Tackling the top 3 analyst data challenges.

What problem does Unifi solve? We hear from analysts every day, and there are three challenges that always rise to the top. Unifi solves each one handily, in ways nobody else can:


How do I integrate real-time social media data into my existing visualizations?


How do I combine legacy data with new data sources?


How do I control the refresh rate of my data so I get more real-time insights?

Designed by business users for business users

Others provide an engineering-centric experience and even require some lightweight Java scripting, plus a little map reducing. Not exactly “business user friendly.” Unifi actually considers who’s using the platform:

  • We provide a simple and unique 6-step workflow
  • Unifi guides the user down the correct path
  • Automation and recommendations encourage ease of use
  • Elegant, simple, consumer-like experience to data preparation
  • High level of user engagement and satisfaction

  • Graphical representation of data types and histo-grammatical charts significantly aids comprehension and shortens learning curve
  • Data lineage provides comprehensive view of the data sources, fields, attributes etc. to dramatically shorten trouble-shooting on erroneous visualization output

Many data sources. One easy access.

Unifi gathers, normalizes and integrates data from any source – making it instantly more accessible, usable and valuable for gleaning a-ha insights. Cloud, social, IoT, on-premise, cloud, wherever your data comes from, Unifi provides dozens of native connectors to ensure you can connect and search through hundreds of data sources right at your fingertips. Here’s just a sample of our native connectors.
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6 actions that truly make Unifi self-help.

If your “self-help” requires IT support to perform any of these six actions, it can’t be called self-help. Unifi nails all six. Only Unifi has the structure, resources and end-to-end process to perform all “6 Degrees of Integration” to deliver the tightest, cleanest, most meaningful data possible. How many are missing from your current platform?

Data Acquisition

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Data Discovery

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Data Enrichment

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Data Transformation

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Data Normalization

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Data Formatting

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OneParse™ Handling Unstructured Data in Unifi

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Don’t bother IT. They’re busy.

Disparate data sets need to be normalized before you can use them. Fear not – instead of calling IT for ETL support, now you can self-help with Unifi …no waiting. The interface is intuitive and you can access exactly what you need NOW. Not weeks from now.

Google-like searchability.

When you connect a data source to Unifi, our intelligent crawling technology compiles a comprehensive metadata catalog. When you annotate data or produce derived attributes, (anything you enter, in fact), Unifi captures it and adds to the knowledge base across the platform. You name it, Unifi lets you search and find it:

  • Cloud data
  • On-Premise data
  • Social Data
  • Sales Records
  • eCommerce data
  • Marketing data
  • Financial Accounts
  • Manufacturing data
  • ERP data
  • IoT data
  • Sales Forescats
  • Customer Services


Pick a data set. Any data set.

The Unifi platform not only lets you select data sets from any data sources, you can also easily:

  • Join your data sets intelligently – Unifi’s machine learning and fuzzy logic recommends the data sets most likely to be joined, and learns when you connect them. Select from Inner, Outer, Left Outer or Right Outer Joins
  • Add derived column value – Unifi’s advanced semantic look-ahead expression builder makes even the most complex derived attributes a breeze
  • Create data filters – If, Then, And, Less, More, Equal…Unifi does all that – super easy filter options apply to your outputs
  • Define aggregation – Select the attributes you want to visualize, then sum, average or set max/min or count values

Visualize like a boss.

Unifi creates native visualization files like TDE files for Tableau®, QLV files for Qlik®, SBDF for Spotfire® and a host of other file formats. This ensures that your transformed data loads super fast on your visualization tool.


Community for all.

Unifi’s unique community features mean that the platform learns anything and everything you do, and shares that knowledge with your co-workers. Adding metadata, creating derived attributes, selecting filters and more become community property. Starting a new transform? Unifi quickly determines if your co-workers have already done this, and prompts you to access their job and modify it, or just run with it.