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Sabre Manages SLA Insights with Unifi

If you’ve ever booked a flight, hotel, cruise, rental car or any other form of travel and leisure service, chances are you’ve been using the IT infrastructure and software developed and maintained by Sabre Holdings.

Sabre is a technology solutions provider to the global travel and tourism industry. The company delivers a broad range of technology solutions including data-driven business intelligence, mobile, distribution and Software as a Service solutions used by travel suppliers to enable travel buyers to plan, market, sell, serve and operate their businesses.

In 2013, Sabre technology processed over $120 billion of estimated travel spend and more than 1.1 trillion system messages. Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, USA, Sabre employs more than 9,000 people in approximately 60 countries around the world.

New Business Processes from Legacy Data

Sabre operates stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with each of their customers, who derive $Billions of revenue through the IT infrastructure and software that Sabre delivers. In the event of an “incident,” as Sabre calls them, immediate reports must be generated to understand the nature of the issue and the severity of the incident. Issues range from level 5 for scheduled maintenance to level 1 incidents which have visibility at the CEO level. These incidents must be captured and reported to business managers via KPI dashboards.Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.34.41 AM

To get an accurate picture of the SLAs and provide business managers the information they need to understand the impact, Sabre must consolidate legacy data with data derived from their new ServiceNow platform. Historically, this has been fraught with technical challenges that required weeks of data management before an accurate picture could be derived and often would produce different results depending on which analyst was preparing the report.


Cloud-Based Insights with Unifi

Steve Strout, CIO at Sabre, approached Unifi with the business challenge. To consolidate and host the data from legacy and new systems and deliver the “product 360” that Sabre required, Unifi installed a 22 Node Cloudera environment in AWS. Unifi leverages Hive for the transformation processing engine.

Unifi provides the widest range of native connectors to data sources of any platform in the industry. The Sabre environment was connected to various Sabre systems including: ServiceNow, Oracle, Atlassian JIRA, CA PPM and a number of other flat file structures that Sabre had on file systems.

Data sources ranged from structured CSV formats to unstructured JSON format which required Unifi’s unique OneParseTM technology to normalize and enable transformation. Data cleansing was required on some of the data sources and the data was enriched with derived attributes to enable analysis.

Unifi creates both Hive and CSV outputs in Hadoop which are then connected directly to the Qlik BI tool for analysis. Two separate dashboards within Qlik are created, one for business users that provides high level insights on business impact and a second more comprehensive dashboard that delivers the IT department a complete picture of the infrastructure related to the SLAs.

Cutting Months of Integration Down to Size

According to Madhuri Kollu, Manager Data & Analytics, Sabre Holdings, “Unifi delivered in two weeks what it would have taken the IT department over six months to produce.” As a further demonstration of the value of the Unifi solution, previously spreadsheet-based analysis would often derive different results based on who was creating the insight. This lead to confusion and frustration at a business level. Now with Unifi on board insights are created on standardized dashboards and business users are empowered to proactively address Product 360 insights.

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Sabre Holdings

Integrate legacy data with new cloud-based data to provide an accurate picture of client SLAs

Deploy Unifi on a private cloud Hadoop environment to seamlessly acquire, enrich, cleanse and format data for viewing on BI tool

Service Level Agreement KPIs are now delivered dynamically to BI dashboards

“Unifi delivered in two weeks what it would have taken us six months with our old method of data integration.”


— Madhuri Kollu, Manager Data & Analytics, Sabre Holdings