GDPR & Unifi

Countdown to
GDPR Compliance

GDPR comes into effect
May 25, 2018

GDPR Checklist How Ready are You?

In May of 2018 EU citizens can expect control and protection of their personally identifiable information (PII). Any organization who stores or processes EU consumer PII must be in compliance with GDPR by storing the data securely, notifying the consumer if there is a data breach within 72 hours, allowing the data to move from one service to another and must enable the consumer to completely delete and erase their information if they desire. Unifi can help you be ready for GDPR Compliance.

Written Audit

  • Identify All Source Data Records with PII
  • Identify Derived Data Sets with PII
  • Identify Areas of ETL or Data Science that could Derive PII

Technical Audit

  • Connect to all data sources and derived data sets
  • ML & AI engines crawl sources and identity PII data
  • Dats base of data sets developed
  • Policy Engine Defined by data set

Governance Implementation

  • Data Engineers provide masking at row or column level
  • Policy engine joined to ActiveX Directory
  • Assign and Train Data Standards
  • Implement Data Access Request based on user Priorities

Our Assessment

Needs Work

Avoid Potential GDPR Edge Cases

Register now for our free webinar on how to become GDPR compliant in 12 weeks. During this one hour webinar we will:

  1. Explain what GDPR is an how it affects you
  2. Describe our 12 week program for compliance
  3. Provide a demonstration of the Unifi governance & security features and how they can protect your organization
  4. Answer your GDPR questions
“With the Unifi compliance data hub in operation we are confident that we are ready for GDPR.”
Chief Compliance Officer, major US financial institution

Avoid Typical GDPR Edge Cases

Many US companies feel that they are unaffected by the EU GDPR compliance. That may be the case but take a moment to read this report by Frost & Sullivan GDPR expert, Jeff Cotrupe, Industry Director, Big Data and Analytics. In the report Jeff highlights some GDPR “gotchas” that may affect you. For example, US credit unions who offer ATM services may generate GDPR data in their ATM log when a EU citizen withdraws cash. See this and other examples in this fascinating report.

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