Businesses aren’t letting the benefits of big data analysis pass them by. Executives today want to better understand the patterns and insights contained within, and how these can improve the organization.¬†According to Gartner, businesses continue to invest in data analysis to the point that these strategies are now considered mainstream. Unfortunately, companies not using big data to their advantage fall behind. Change data capture (CDC) has recently emerged, and more IT leaders and analysts are looking into this approach. But what is change data capture? And what benefits does it bring?

Defining CDC

“What is change data capture and what benefits does it bring?”

Companies leveraging data analysis must keep up with the latest strategies. This is imperative. Change data capture helps ensure that analysis always uses the most up-to-date data available. CDC also prevents resources from being used on adjusted events that haven’t changed since the last capture. Data can remain where it is; for example, within a storage environment or data warehouse. But with CDC, any changes in this root data can easily be identified and applied to the data catalog being utilized for analysis.

CDC is a key alternative to pulling every piece of data over from its storage system and updating the entire data catalog. With CDC, changes can be quickly pinpointed and information being incorporated into analysis can be brought up-to-date in a simple and streamlined manner.

“While the idea of analyzing [data base] changes certainly makes sense from a business standpoint, continuously recording changes for every insert, update, delete may seem a bit overboard,” noted Stackchief. “This is why Change Data Capture makes sense for larger data sets. It allows you to record and capture ALL change events without slowing down production environments or long running queries.”

The benefits of CDC: The Unifi Software Difference

Change data capture comes with several key advantages for big data gathering, organizing and analyzing:

  • Accuracy: CDC ensures that any changes are applied to the data catalog, supporting the most precise analysis, resulting in error-free and actionable insights.
  • Speed: Instead of choking network resources by updating the entire data catalog, CDC only pulls the specific, updated information needed for analysis. Updates occur more quickly and the analysis initiative can remain on schedule.
Digital abstract image of the world overlayed with digital data streams and coded information, Change data capture enables you to keep your data catalog up to date.

Unifi Software leverages change data capture to support our customers’ data analysis initiatives. Where other data solution providers require companies to pull all of their data assets over to create a data lake, Unifi empowers your business to keep its data assets where they are currently stored. Unifi can then review data logs and utilize CDC to update any changes within the data catalog, saving you time and resources.

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