The need for a credit union to create a comprehensive view of their members is essential to retain the most valuable members, deliver just-in-time “next best offer” promotions and to filter top of funnel marketing leads to identify the best prospects.

With incumbent, legacy back-office infrastructure the ability to view a single member’s profile and activity based on multiple different account-based profiles is challenging. Here is how one state-chartered, federally-insured credit union with $2B of assets under management successfully executed a Member 360 initiative. The credit union, located in the Southwestern U.S., provides a wide range of financial services to several hundred thousand members through over 20 branch offices.

Out With the Old 
The overarching goal of the Member 360 initiative was to transition the credit union’s member records from account-based to member-based profiles. This would allow credit union employees to easily see all of the products the member is using, offering a complete view of the relationship that each member had with the credit union. The credit union selected Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, as the single source of truth for every member. A previous initiative to feed data from multiple, disparate data sources containing member data via complex ETL processes had failed badly.

The credit union partnered with Unifi and Microsoft Azure to solve their data accessibility challenges by developing a data lake that runs on the Unifi Data as a Service platform. The Unifi professional services team worked closely with the credit union analytics team to identify the data sets that were required for the Member 360 and CRM initiative. Data connections were established to each of the sources and data started flowing through Unifi to the Azure platform.

In addition to the secure Azure hosting environment, Unifi seamlessly integrates with Microsoft HDInsights® that provides the data processing horsepower needed by the data lake to run concurrent transform jobs on Unifi.

With Unifi’s Data as a Platform underpinning the Microsoft Azure data lake, combined member-based data is now updated nightly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Panoramic Member Views
Since implementing their Azure data lake and Unifi Data as a Service platform the credit union has realized almost $2.5M in incremental revenue, thanks to the new insights driven through their member 360 program. In addition, the reliability of the new environment has driven confidence around data throughout the organization. Other departments such as operations and finance are now reviewing methods and requirements based on more accurate and reliable data.







The credit union runs Microsoft PowerBI on Unifi’s Data as a Service platform to deliver key business metrics to the leadership team and ad hoc analysis throughout the organization.