With over 20 offices throughout the state, Arizona Credit Union, known as OneAZ, is the largest state-chartered, federally-insured credit union in Arizona, serving over 137,000 state employees and private citizens. Like any financial services company, the credit union grows its business by selling more financial products to existing members and on-boarding new members. OneAZ also seeks to retain existing members by offering exemplary, personalized and friendly service—a competitive advantage over traditional banks.

One of the first challenges facing Tom Wilson, SVP Enterprise Date & Analysis, when he joined OneAZ was their legacy Fiserve back office systems. The incumbent platform managed members’ product activity as a series of accounts. A member would have an account number for checking, another account number for savings, yet another account number for a credit card, one more account number for a home equity line of credit, etc. Each of these financial products was contained on its own database and none of the databases talked to each other, making it almost impossible to get a single view of a customer account. Furthermore, Fiserve had just announced they were going to “end-of-life” the incumbent platform forcing an expensive upgrade and major organizational upheaval.

Tom Wilson, SVP Enterprise Data & Analytics, OneAZ

Wilson was charged with the task of making data more accessible and materializing this accessibility through a “member 360” initiative. The goal of the program was to transition OneAz’s member records from account-based to member-based profiles. This had the immediate benefit of allowing any employee to access a member account and see all of the products used by that member.

Out With the Old 
OneAZ committed to Microsoft Dynamics® CRM as the single source of truth for every OneAZ member. A previous initiative to feed data from multiple, disparate data sources containing member data via complex extract, transform and load (ETL) processes had failed badly. Designed to deliver daily updates to the CRM platform by 8:00am, the system would take between 8 to16 hours to run and never once achieved the on-time goal. Forty percent of the time it failed to complete the complex data aggregation functions at all, leading to a total lack of confidence in the solution.

Arizona Credit Union partnered with Unifi Software and Microsoft to deploy Azure running HDInsights to create their Analytic Data Utility. The ADU is essentially a cloud-based data lake being fed via Unifi from existing financial systems including; Fiserv, Appro, Chexsystems, Mortgage Cadence, and Raddon. The result is friction-less access to data for employees, and a process of daily updates to DynamicsCRM that happens overnight, has not missed an on-time data delivery since deployed, and has been accurate 100% of the time.

Panoramic Member Views
Unifi combines all the data and creates a sophisticated profile for existing members based on over 100 different data attributes. That profile is used multiple ways:

  1. It identifies the most valuable members and drives retention marketing programs.
  2. It identifies “Next Best Offer” program components for existing customers
  3. It is run against the credit union’s prospect database to identify the best new potential members matching financial, demographic and lifestyle profiles of current members.

The resulting insights are then fed directly into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide individual sales reps with a micro-targeted prospect list.

Delivering Value 
As part of their phase I Member 360 initiative, Wilson’s team was able to identify and drive over $2.5 million in incremental revenue for the credit union. The implementation of the Unifi solution cost a fraction of the previously failed project and was delivered in under four months.

One of the Member360 dashboards that provides immediate insights into OneAz member profiles.