We previously noted that we expected Unifi Software to flourish given its focus on data lake management
and self-service data preparation. While some of the self-service data-preparation specialists can boast larger
installed bases thanks to their focus on data analysts and business users, Unifi and other data lake management
providers are adopting a more strategic approach to also address the needs of data stewards and IT
professionals. We believe addressing the requirements of both sets of users will be essential in delivering
‘managed self-service’ environments that offer the benefits of both self-service as well as data access and
governance controls. Unifi notes that it continues to see some resistance from IT professionals in moving
toward greater data democratization. However, it is also seeing more and more enterprises embracing the
need to be data-driven – thus, its approach of addressing the requirements of those IT professionals is likely
to stand it in good stead in the long term.

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