Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are always looking for ways fill in “white space” in their distribution channel. For many companies a two-tier distribution model compounds the problem of finding new outlets. Helping to identify a new sales prospect for your distributor rep is only one part of the problem—educating that rep, who might represent dozens of brands, on how to position your product to each opportunity is equally important. If you can increase the efficacy of the individual rep twofold think of the impact this will have on depletions and your top and bottom lines.

Finding the Proverbial Needle in the Haystack
The Unifi Moxi™ platform uses Big Data insights, automatically generated, to define the profile of your existing customers. Using dozens of data sources and sophisticated algorithms to combine the data, a Moxi IQ is established for each location. Moxi then starts looking for white space opportunities that look just like some of your most successful current locations.

The Insights in the Data
Moxi integrates your current product depletions data and cross-brand depletions, where applicable, and automatically performs regression analysis on the combined data sources. The more granular your depletions data, the more insight can be gained by the regression analysis. Add in ePOS data or online ecommerce data from your own site or e-tail partners and a clearer picture emerges. Add in a healthy dose of demographic, psychographic, and propensity to buy data and a clear picture of market basket analysis is revealed. All of this delivered by Moxi automatically.

Moxi seeks out brand references on the web, social media, and other public channels to build a virtual map of sales locations which can be overlaid with your current distribution and sales network, identifying gaps and inefficiencies as well as valuable sales opportunities.
By integrating your sales channel rep data married to current accounts, Moxi is able to provide an individual rep with a stack-ranked hunt list each week. If your distributor or sales rep uses a CRM system, Moxi will seamlessly integrate with this tool and provide an activity or task for each rep. Identifying the right prospect is only part of the challenge for increasing sales. Having identified the prospect Moxi will highlight the four key factors that moved this opportunity to the top of the hunt list.

Working with the brand marketing team, Moxi’s integral CMS system can provide the sale rep with targeted sales messages based on the selection criteria and the corresponding sales sheet for the rep to present or leave behind. The Moxi companion mobile app informs the rep why each location was selected and provides a talk track that increases the likelihood of making the sale. Your sales reps can literally ask Siri (well at least the ones with Apple iPhones), “Where is the closest opportunity for sales from where I am right now?” and because Moxi is geo-aware it will deliver the answer. Never has there been such a powerful and effective direct sales tool.

It’s all about sales. With Moxi, each of your sales reps will have the power of big data at their fingertips. The easy-to-use mobile app guides your sales reps to the best opportunities and equips them with information they need to close the deal. No other product on the market comes close to what Moxi can do. Ready to learn more? Contact our team to discover how you can grow your revenue!