The first end-to-end data integration platform to empower

both business analysts and IT professionals.

It’s never been done – Unifi thinks it’s time.


Normalized data.

Now abnormally easy.

Unifi’s ultra-intuitive, self-service platform puts the power of data prep in analysts’ hands.


The self-service platform

that makes IT the hero.

IT guys, you’re the enablers. You control the muscle behind Unifi’s robust capabilities.


The more unified your data,

the more informed your insights.

Unifi delivers squeaky clean, 100% usable data, making your decisions even sharper.


Even in a side-by-side comparison,

there is no comparison.

Compare Unifi to other so-called “self-service” platforms.


Click here to download the Self-service Data Preparation Market Supply opinion from IDC.

Can your platform do all this?

OneParse™ normalization.

Integrate data (even unstructured data) from the widest range of sources, and prepare it for visualization – with one click.

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More than just integration – recommendations

Based on the data sets you choose, Unifi’s profiling and recommendations engine presents the functions you’re most likely to need – then automates those functions.

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A shareable community of power users.

Unifi encourages collaboration among all users in your organization – shared insights mean faster, smarter decisions.

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Plug-and-play with any viz tool.

Tableau®, Qlik®, Platfora®, MicroStrategy®. Unifi makes ANY visualization tool sing – and native file export means no waiting to load transformed data.

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IT-managed, self-service control.

The only end-to-end data integration platform that lets IT control all data access and Big Data resources – eliminating security risks and liability across the enterprise.

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Unifi for…

Business analysts – no waiting

Before you can visualize it and analyze it, first you have to integrate it. Unifi puts the most robust self-service data integration platform right at your fingertips. In real-time.


IT professionals – you’re in the driver’s seat

Install Unifi in your Big Data environment and you run the show – you give ETL power to your business analysts, at the same time you determine data access and manage Big Data resources.